Your Questions Are Answered About Crane Rental Services

Obtaining skills in the construction industry is a wise move because building construction is a service that is needed on a regular basis. Whether it be constructing homes or commercial buildings, professionals are usually hired to complete such projects. However, starting out as a newbie in the construction industry can be a challenge, especially when starting as a business owner. Getting hired for your first project is only a small part of the challenge, as you must also have the proper equipment on hand. Fortunately, commonly used construction equipment such as cranes can be rented as needed when you are hired for construction projects.

What is the Estimated Price of a Crane Rental?

With such an array of cranes to choose between, estimating a rental price is not easy without knowing about a specific project. Several factors will determine what a crane rental costs, including the specific type of crane that is rented. For example, if your construction project requires a crane that has a higher lifting capacity than other cranes, the price is likely to be higher. The rental duration will also play a role in what you are charged for a crane rental, and a longer rental might be less expensive per day. Whether a crane requires a boom extension or not will be factored into the rental price as well.

Does a Crane Rental Require Insurance Coverage?

It is likely that you will need insurance to cover a crane rental while it is in your possession. The reason is that it protects the rental company financially in the event that something happens to the crane. For example, if the crane is stolen while in your possession, the rental company can file an insurance claim. Crane insurance is also important because it covers accidents, such as if a construction worker is accidentally injured by a crane rental. You might be able to pay an extra fee to obtain temporary insurance coverage via the rental company if it is available.

Who Provides Maintenance for a Crane Rental?

It is up to the rental company to decide who is responsible for providing maintenance when a crane is rented out. You might be provided with a manual that has instructions on how you can maintain the crane on your own. If you rent a crane via a package that comes with an operator, the rental company might provide maintenance. To learn more about your responsibilities regarding maintenance, get in touch with a crane service in your area.