Revealed! 3 Ways Electric Benders For Rigid Conduits Ensure Quality Service

As an electrical contractor, your clients will examine your wiring job depending on how reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and how long it serves them. That way, they can determine if they will seek your services again or recommend you to others. A great way to ensure a quality wiring job is using conduits to cover and route the installed cables. But remember that a building's electrical wires don't always follow a straight line, meaning you may have to bend the conduit to ensure full cable coverage. 

Unfortunately, since most conduit materials are rigid, you'll need a bender since bending them by hand may be impossible. Here's why you won't regret investing in electric benders for rigid conduits.

1. Ensure Accurate Bends

Manual and hydraulic conduit benders rely on an individual's effort, which can be unreliable. Since no one is perfect, sometimes you can bend the conduit at the wrong length or angle. Such errors will then force your client to invest in more conduits, increasing costs or slowing down the project. Consequently, your clients will lose their trust in your services, which can significantly affect your reputation.

That's why you should invest in electrical conduit benders. These machines have an electronic control system where you can accurately mark the bend point and angles. So, as long as you set the correct calibrations, you will always get precise bends. As a result, you reduce wastage and build your reputation.

2. Quick Services

Unlike manual conduit benders, electrical benders don't need constant recalibration with every bend. So, once you put up the correct calibrations in the control system, you can bend several conduit batches without making adjustments. For this reason, you save time and increase your efficiency. Moreover, faster production improves customer satisfaction and prevents backlogs during peak periods. As a result, you attract more clients and increase your business revenue.

3. Avoid Straining and Injuries

When handling many wiring projects, relying on manual conduit benders can leave you fatigued. Remember that you can only handle a certain amount of physical work before your body gives in. Therefore, you will need to take several breaks to rejuvenate. However, even with such breaks, continuous strain on your body can easily cause injuries that force you to stop working for a while. Fortunately, an electrical conduit bender can help prevent such strains and injuries. That's because your only task will be calibrating the machine's control system and letting it handle the rest.

If you regularly work with conduit, you must invest in an electric conduit bender. These benders guarantee accurate results, prevent strains and injuries, and increase production speed. That way, you provide quality services and build a strong brand.