Great Insights for Fabricators Looking to Purchase Hydraulic Presses From Manufacturers

So many fabrications can take place when a hydraulic press is used around a worksite, such as punching and metal forming. If you need to complete these tasks and thus need to purchase one of these presses from a manufacturer, here are some insights to stay aware of.

Look for User-Friendly Hand-Operated Controls

To get materials set up on a hydraulic press and use it successfully going forward, you'll be performing a lot of tasks with your hands. You want them to be as user-friendly as possible because that's going to help you complete fabrications using this press in a much more convenient, quicker way.

Tell your manufacturer what you plan on doing with the press and they can then make sure hand-operated controls are set up accordingly. Then there won't be a difficult learning curve or ample training required to start using this machine. 

Opt for Programmable Functionality

More and more machines today are starting to feature automated capabilities. That's true for hydraulic presses too. If you get one of these machines from a manufacturer that's programmable, then that will open up your pressing operations.

You can program the hydraulic press to produce a certain amount of power and work at a certain speed based on what materials you're working with. That's going to help you avoid human errors and thus make it easier to avoid costly delays when pressing materials. 

Make Sure Light Curtains are Provided

A hydraulic press is capable of generating a lot of power and that's why it's often used to manipulate different metals. With that said, you don't want to be exposed to this force and power if you can help it because severe injuries would result otherwise. One of the most important safety systems you can equip to a hydraulic press during manufacturing is a light curtain.

Its job is to quickly stop the hydraulic press if hands or other body parts touch any part of the system that could cause injury. The light curtains often rely on LEDs to detect motion from body parts, which will then activate an automatic stop to keep operators safe. 

Sometimes to get materials like strong metals formed into a certain shape or have a specific attribute, you have to use a hydraulic press. When having one manufactured, contact the hydraulic press manufacturer to ensure it comes with custom features and performance capabilities that you know for certain aren't going to become dated anytime soon.