4 Tips To Follow When Looking For Heavy Construction Equipment For Rent

After thinking hard about purchasing or renting heavy construction equipment, you probably found renting to be more reasonable and economical. However, if you are a first-time renter, you could be skeptical about the idea of renting heavy construction equipment. This piece will take you through a few tips to ensure you have a great experience renting the equipment of your choice.

1. Find a Reliable Rental Company

As a construction manager, you are probably going to manage many projects in the future. Therefore, it's in your best interest to get into a partnership with a heavy construction equipment rental company. Check out your prospective company's reviews to know what it is like to be in business with them.

Ensure your equipment rental company has a diverse portfolio, offering different types of heavy construction equipment. You might also want to choose a company operating locally to save you on the logistics and storage burden.

2. Inquire About the Rates

The decision to rent rather than buy is mainly for financial reasons. Heavy construction equipment for rent is often more affordable, and you are required to pay on an as-needed basis. Therefore, take time to inquire about the rental company's rates and any other fees.

Typically, the rental rates depend on the size of equipment, the number of machines rented, and the lease period. Other additional costs, such as insurance and operational costs, may reflect in the total cost of the rental. You could compare the rates of different companies to choose the most reasonable.

3. Inspect the Quality of the Equipment

Despite not buying the equipment, it's important to ensure you get quality equipment. Reliable rental companies adhere to strict maintenance and repair schedules. Routine maintenance ensures that clients enjoy optimum results from the pieces of equipment.

It also goes a long way into improving site safety. Prioritize renting newer and safer equipment for the sake of your peace of mind.

4. Availability of Operators and Additional Training

One huge concern when renting or purchasing heavy construction equipment is safety. Can your employees safely operate the equipment without causing accidents and property damage? Does the rental company offer a skilled operator to help you manage the equipment on your site?

Skilled operators with proper training can help you meet your project requirements and avoid inconveniences or delays. You may also need to request additional safety training for your on-site employees. Again, a reliable company goes beyond to ensure safety on your site.

When renting heavy construction equipment, it's important to ensure you get everything right. Follow these tips to avoid making costly mistakes that can interfere with your projects.