Tips to Keep Your Construction Worksite Safe With Lighting and Dust Reduction

Keeping your construction worksite safe and productive are major elements to running a successful construction crew. You need to look out for your employee safety and productivity with nighttime lighting and also dust reduction in dirt worksites. Here are some recommendations to consider when you need a safe worksite for your employees with lighting and air quality improvements.

Worksite Lighting Options

Your worksite is not always going to have adequate sunlight for you to complete your projects within a reasonable time frame. Many projects will need to continue after dusk and before dawn, especially when daylight hours are shorter during the winter. You can't adjust your project timelines based on the amount of sunlight available during the day.

Sometimes your projects are best completed on a 24-hour basis. This can be optimal when, for example, you are completing construction on a road or freeway and need to do a majority of the work during the night when traffic is light. For this reason, working at night can be the best option to avoid construction delays on roads and highways, and you will need a good portable construction light tower to help get the work completed and your employees kept safe during the job.

Look for a high powered light tower to illuminate your worksite and boost the safety of your employees. A light tower that is mobile and works with its own power source is best because you can move it around to the different worksites, as needed. A solar-powered light tower is a great option because it collects solar power during the day, then at night when you need the lighting, it can provide illumination without the need for a gas-powered generator.

Be sure you consider the durability of the light tower and the height at which the tower can extend. Also consider the type of bulbs in your light tower because some bulbs, such as metal halide, take longer to power up to full illumination. And they can also delay restarting once they have been shut down. There are LED and plasma bulbs as an alternate with the lighting tower.

Dust Control

Dust can also be a similar problem with construction, especially when completing dirt work and pre-construction preparation to the site. Be sure you consider keeping down dust during excavation, vehicle traffic, and other activities that can kick up dust by using dust-reduction wetting and vacuum techniques. Also, provide respiration and protection equipment to your employees to reduce inhalation problems and respiratory illnesses that can follow dust exposure.

To learn more about using solar-powered light towers and other worksite safety equipment, consult a resource in your area.