Choosing The Right Flail Mower Attachment

When you need to mow around ponds, lakes, ditches and roadsides, one of the most useful skid steer attachments you can use is the flail mower attachment. This is designed for compact and mini excavators. 

Characteristics of a Flail Mower

A flail mower is sometimes used interchangeably with a brush cutter, but these are actually two different types of attachments. Brush cutters are horizontal, heavy duty mowers. It's a horizontal mower deck with two or three blades underneath. A flail mower, on the other hand, has a large, spinning cylinder. It cuts through saplings, grasses and heavy brush.

The flail mower is able to cut brush. However, you will be better off using a brush cutter Skid Steer attachment if you must cut through brush. A flail mower is much more effective at cutting through tall grass and vegetation. Typically, your attachment will be used fur a range of purposes. But you will need to consider the application that your attachment would most often be used for when selecting the right one. This will affect your efficiency and will also affect the lifespan of the attachment. 

The Best Features of a Flail Mower

This type of equipment is popular because miniature equipment is very popular among the vegetation management industry. There are also special features that have become popular, such as vibration control features and two-stage cutting chambers. With the two-stage chamber, material enters the spinning rotor and the material is forced through the carbide teeth. The material then passes through a second cutting chamber where the material is further processed before it is discharged.

When operating on hills and uneven terrain, the lightweight nature of the flail mower means that you will not have to worry as much about the machine tipping over and you finding yourself in an unsafe position. As a result, you are safe under all mowing conditions. 

The flail mower attachment is electronically balanced, which leads to an efficient mower. There will be less vibrations and energy loss. Because of the increased efficiency of the flail mower attachment, the device will have a longer operating life. 

The best cutters use a spiral staggered tooth pattern that makes sure that the teeth are in contact with work surfaces at all times. The components need to be cut to precision and need to be made with premium-strength steel. With the right flail mower, you will have the versatility and efficiency you need to get the job done.