What You Should Do If You See Lightning Strike An Electrical Transformer At A Substation

Power substations are planted all over the place. They help monitor and control electrical power away from the main power stations. Some are located in the city, while others are plopped out in the middle of the country. If you happen to be driving by a substation during a storm and see lightning strike the transformers of a substation, here is what you should do next.

Note the Location of the Substation

Note where the substation is located. What signs are nearby? What is the road you are on? Where is the nearest crossroad? All of these answers will help the power company locate the substation faster and send repair crews to it right away.

Get Away from the Substation Fast

It is important to get away from this area quickly. You do not know how the transformers, electrical cables, and power conduits will operate, and you do not want to be in the way of anything falling or sending jolts of power out to your vehicle. Drive until you are at least a mile away, or until you have reached your destination. Then you can stop and get out of your vehicle.

Call the Power Company as Soon as You Are a Safe Distance Away

As soon as you are a safe distance away from the substation, call the power company. You will have to navigate through the auto-voice menu, but do not stop until you get a live operator. Then tell him/her about the substation and what you witnessed. If the operator asks for the location, make sure you give the detailed information about its location. You can hang up when the operator thanks you and says goodbye.

Find Another Route to Drive

If you were driving home when you saw lightning strike the substation, stay home the rest of the day, if possible. If you have to go anywhere else, find another route that does not take you near the substation again. The power company will need a clear path to get to the substation to check for damage, and you do not want o hamper their work. If you are leaving for work when you witness this, find another route home in the evening, just to be on the safe side. Usually, the damage will be addressed and repaired with a few hours of your call, but if it is not, you should still steer clear of the area.