4 Ways To Save Money When Renting A Crane

Making smart decisions can help you save a significant amount of when renting a crane. By getting rid of obstacles, setting up the space for the crane,  having your supplies ready, and arranging delivery outside of peak hours, you can save some money on your crane rental by cutting down on the time you need to use the crane for.

#1 Get Rid Of Obstacles

Before the crane arrives, make sure to move any obstacles that could get in the way of the crane doing its work. You don't want to have to spend time while you are on the clock with your crane rental moving around vehicles, equipment, and supplies that you could have rearranged before the crane arrived.

Make sure that you clear the workspace where you will be placing and using the crane of anything that could impede its operation. Be sure to notify nearby property owners as well if you need them to move items to ensure the crane can operate properly.

#2 Make Sure You Have The Right Space

Check the space requirements before renting a crane. Make sure that you clear the right amount of space for the crane. Cranes generally require level surfaces for their base to park on. Make sure that you level out a space large enough for the crane before you arrange for the delivery of the crane.

That way, when the crane arrives, you have the space prepared for it so you can get right to work.

#3 Be Strategic With Pick-Up Times

Third, be strategic with your delivery and pick-up times for the crane. Often times, you pay not just for the miles that the crane has to be driven to be delivered to your work site, you also have to pay for the travel time.

Find out what the peak travel time is for the area where you are doing your job. For example, the peak travel times may occur in the morning from 7am to 9am and again in the evening from 4pm to 6pm. Once you know the peak travel times in the area you will be working, schedule the delivery outside of those times.

This should cut down on the amount of time it takes to deliver the crane and should help save you some money as well.

#4 Have All Your Supplies Ready & Stages

Finally, make sure that you have all the items you need the crane to hoist ready to go. They should be set up in an unobstructed manner and in the order that they need to be hoisted.

Make sure that you have all the supplies that need to be hoisted ordered and at the job site before the crane is delivered. That way, you will not waste any time waiting for that last item to be delivered that needs to be hoisted before you return the crane.

Contact local crane companies for more information and assistance.