How to Increase Your Skid Steer Loader Performance with New Tracks

If you use you skid steer loader every day and on any hard surfaces, the track will eventually wear and will need to be replaced or you will start to have problems with traction. One of the best things about the skid steer is that is can go nearly anywhere and is small enough to get into tight spots. If you don't have enough traction, you might end up stuck in the mud or lack the grip to climb a hill.

Install Replacement Tracks

The tracks on your skid steer likely came from the manufacturer but if you have worn them down significantly, you might want to replace them. The question is should you pay the price for the ones the dealer is going to sell you or get an optional aftermarket track? There are many choices that offer tread styles for specific types of terrain. If you know you are operating in mud daily, why not get a skid steer track that is designed much like a mud tire? If you spend a lot of time on hard surfaces, you might want a smoother track with higher durometer tracks.

Invest in Durability & Design

Because skid steer loaders are operated in varying conditions, you want to take the time to see what the tracks are made out of and how they are assembled. The best tracks will have an inner core made from steel belts and strong steel ties that connect the two haves and support the drive gears that the track rides on.

Ask services like North East Attachment and Track, LLC about the construction of the tracks so you know what you are getting. A good deal on a cheap track is potentially going to leave you with a damage track or worse, one that has broken and now has to repair in whatever environment it was working in.

Install a New Track

The new tracks for your skid steer are not going to be light or easy to work with but if you know how to change them, you can do the job yourself and save some money. If you do not have the equipment to do the work, you might want to take the loader to a service center and have them install the tracks.

Remember these are rubber tracks but have a lot of steel embedded into the track and the amount of rubber used adds a lot of weight to them. If you are broken down out in the field, you may have to change them yourself but if you find yourself in that situation, get a couple guys to help you with the lifting and pulling.