Five Reasons Why You Should Hire An Out-Of-Work Crane Operator For Your Amusement Park

Amusement parks are favorite places to go for tourists. They are big money-makers for anyone that owns them. As you look to hire more staff for your amusement park, consider hiring out-of-work crane operators. Here are five reasons why.

You Are Giving a Job to a Skilled Worker

Crane operators are skilled workers. They have spent a lot of time around large machines that hoist heavy loads into the air via pneumatics and hydraulics. A skilled worker is preferential to someone who does not know what he or she is doing. Additionally, a crane operator probably has a spouse and children at home that he or she needs to provide for. You would not just be giving a job to the operator; you would be supporting his/her entire immediate family.

Crane Operators Know Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

They have the training and the know-how to work an amusement park ride because many rides work similar to cranes. Almost every popular ride in your park works on one of these types of systems; from the roller coasters to the Ferris wheel, compressed air, elevation, and pistons are the working mechanisms. These same mechanisms make cranes work, too. If you have a problem with one of these systems on a ride, you can bet that the crane operator knows what is wrong and how to fix it. 

In an Emergency, the Crane Operator Can Help

It has been known to happen; rollercoasters and Ferris wheels get stuck at the top. It could be hours before people get down. If you have a crane operator on your staff payroll, all you need to do is rent a crane or a cherry picker truck, and the crane operator becomes the hero. He or she can rescue park visitors from on high by using the cherry picker or the crane to get people down. Then the crane operator might be able to fix the ride too, if the problem is a hydraulic or pneumatic one.

When Replacement Parts Need to Be Lifted, Your Crane Operator Employee Can Do It

When repair parts need to be lifted to high points on a ride, you already have a crane operator on staff. There is no need to hire anyone else. He or she is already present and can help get the replacement parts to the ride and the area on the ride that needs them. Then you only need a commercial electrician and a few repair technicians to assist with placing the replacement parts. The crane operator helps remove the damaged or faulty parts as well.

When You Expand the Park, the Contractor Does Not Need to Bring a Crane Operator

When you expand the park and build new rides, guess what? Your built-in crane operator can help. When you hire a contractor to help you build the new rides, you can tell the contractor to skip hiring a crane operator; you already have one!

Now That You See the Benefits in the Reasons

Now that you see the benefits in the reasons for hiring a crane operator for a job in your amusement park, why not hire him/her? Someone with those kinds of skills is a better fit than a teenager who can only push buttons. In short, you would be getting the most bang for your payroll buck by hiring a less typical worker with greater potential and one that can fit a number of side or part-time positions in your fun amusement park. Keep in mind, though, that hiring this type of professional will require a higher rate of pay.

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