What's Really Involved In A Plant Relocation

When you want to relocate your industrial plant, you probably only think of moving office equipment. No big deal, right? What about the equipment? The production supplies? Break room supplies and employee lockers? Okay, so now you have a lot more to pack up and relocate than you thought, right? That is not a problem for plant relocation services. Here is what is really involved with this process so you can plan well in advance:

Inventory the Heavy Equipment That Is Going

Take regular walks through the plant to inventory all of the heavy equipment that is going with to the new plant location. The movers from the relocation company cannot remove and move anything until they know exactly what you need to move, how big these pieces of equipment are, and how heavy they are. Then the movers can plan ahead to have the right equipment and trucks available to get the equipment out of the plant.

Anything over Five Hundred Pounds Needs Its Own Truck

There are rules to follow when you relocate an entire plant. Anything on your list of stuff to move that is wider than a semi, longer than a semi, or weighs more than five hundred pounds is probably going to need its own truck.The movers will also attempt to see if the items can be broken down into smaller, more easily portable parts, which requires more trucks. (This is why you should start moving things months in advance of the start date of the new plant.)

Smaller, Lighter Stuff Can Go on a Moving Truck

You may find it helpful to move smaller, lighter stuff on a regular moving truck. It may not reduce moving costs by much, but it will get essentials to the new plant faster. It also cuts down on the plant relocation company trying to locate and utilize more trucks just for these smaller things.

Plant Relocation Does Not Happen in a Day (or a Week)

Plant relocation does not happen in a day. It rarely happens in a week, unless there is next to nothing that the company wants to transfer from the old plant to the new. It can happen in a month, but only if you have arranged to take up large chunks of time from the plant relocation service company. Two to three months is more ideal. For those reasons, plan to secure the services at least six months in advance, especially since the costs of relocation of any heavy equipment are going to be quite high.